2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

Started this year as a Frontend Dev, ending it as a Backend Dev


Built my portfolio site

Applied for a couple of jobs


Applied for a couple of jobs

I was losing interest in Frontend Development cause it didn't seem to be leading anywhere for me. Also, I'd later find out I prefer to write C than write JavaScript

So I decided to dabble into Data Science


Applied for and got into Data Science Nigeria’s AI Wednesday program to learn machine learning

Completed and got the certificate for it in April

After completing the AI Wednesday program, I learnt Data Science was a field I didn't want to go into.

At this point, Zuri was open for internship applications so I used it as an opportunity to try out another field


I delved into backend development this time, with Django.

Zuri began fully this month. My track started with Python (which was basically a refresher for me) before moving to Django


Learning Django at Zuri

First semester exams in school (I think)


At Zuri, we had completed the learning phase and now in the project phase

I was the team lead for my team.

Leading the team was quite tasking cause though I had some experience leading a team (this was not my first internship), it is a different ball game when you have beginner level knowledge of your stack.

I had not even done a “Hello World” with Django Rest Framework before then, but we were able to get some work done. Luckily, there was someone more experienced with the stack on our team who helped out a lot


Finished the project phase of the internship at Zuri

Couldn't complete the project. And though we had several endpoints ready from the backend team, when the only thing to show for it is a working Sign up, Log in and Homepage, the endpoints don't matter. Especially when you're the overall team lead

Also, dey change am for designers once in a while.


Was focusing on school after the four-month internship

Started learning cloud computing with GCP on Pluralsight


Second semester exams

Aced the first phase exam of the cloud computing program on course(s) I was taking

Learned a lot about the cloud and how GCP works

I was actually learning with someone else's account who got access to it through a GADS scholarship

Considering; how time consuming the course was, the certificate wouldn't be in my name(in a field that more certificate-first), I decided to discontinue learning. Thankful for the opportunity to have learnt what I did


Took a Coursera course on Django offered by the University of Michigan through AUTC

Applied (volunteered) for Tutor roles at ECX and GDSC UNILAG. Got both

Continued learning cloud computing, but this time through MTC-UNILAG on Microsoft Azure


Started teaching Django at GDSC

Attended the UnStack Conference

Attended DevFest Lagos

Met friends I had made online

Made new ones too


Still tutoring the Django track

Still learning cloud computing with Azure

Finally got a mentor 🥺, He doesn't know it yet. Lemme say Pseudo-mentor for now

The Good

  • Ticked off 4/7 things on my todo list for 2021
  • Connected with people a lot more this year. Both online and offline
  • Developed some level of proficiency in a skill I feel at home with
  • Got a mentor
  • Didn't lose any friend, nor did any friend lose a loved one

The Bad

  • Hopped around a lot from one tech stack to the other
  • Didn't get a paid gig or job this year
  • Was too comfortable doing things on my own without getting guidance from others. Led to a lot of time wastage. Not having a mentor didn't help either

Goals for 2022

  • Get a paid job/gig. Then do like 15x before the year runs out
  • Get better grades in school
  • Purchase a Real Madrid jersey from the official store
  • Network more. Build on top of existing relationships


  • Get a mentor. Or at least have people you can ask for help and advice
  • Pick a skill and learn it well. Don't be tech rabbit
  • Network. Make friends. Except you're exceptionally brilliant, being introverted won't do you much good
  • Write articles. I'm not an article person myself but writing articles about bugs you fix, or how you added a feature etc will help you later on. You don't wanna open multiple stackoverflow tabs to everytime to do something you've done before. Trust me on that

Thanks for reading and I wish you an outstanding 2022 🎊